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Quick Setup

Quick setup allows the bot to quickly setup a lot of the features that bot has on your Discord server for you.


Please note that this feature is designed for new servers!

What does it do?

  1. This first thing the bot does is setup a new role called 'Member'. (If a role with the same name exist, it will be overwritten!)

    • This role will have the permissions: Create Instant Invite, View Channels, Send Messages, Embed Links, Attach Files, Read Message History, Add Reactions, Connect and Speak
  2. It will setup a new channel welcome channel (or use a pre-existing one, if it does exist), and set up welcome and goodbye messages.

  3. Setup a new channel called '#rules'. It will then put the template rules message in the channel, and setup rule reaction for it, using the '👌' emoji.

    • The channel will have @everyone set to deny sending messages to the channel, and enable viewing the channel and message history
  4. Add two categories called 'General' and 'Gaming', both with a text channel, and an auto VC channel.

    • Theses channels will allow members to talk, and do normal 'member things'. But the @everyone role won't be able to.