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Anti Spam

Pootis-Bot includes some anti-spam features.

General Commands

Command Summary
setup spam Shows setup info regarding the server's anti-spam settings.

Mass Ping Anti-Spam

Do you have bots/users/trolls coming onto your Discord server and pinging everyone's name in one long message?

Well Pootis-Bot can counter that! If a user pings more then x% amount of users on the Discord server in a single message then the message will be deleted.

This is mainly a problem with bigger servers but anyway its still a good idea to have this enabled.


Command Summary Default
spam toggle mentionuserspam Enables / Disables the mention user anti-spam feature enabled
spam set mentionuserthreshold [threshold] Set how much of a percentage of a servers users need to be mention before it is considered spam 65

Role to Role Ping

Don't want a user with a certain role to be able to ping someone else with a role?

Once again Pootis-Bot can also counter that. If John Smith that has the Member role tries to ping Adams that has the role President, their message will be deleted. If John Smith continues to do so, he will receive a notification telling them to stop, and that he has received a warning.

This is good if you have a role that you may only want admins to ping.


Command Summary
setup add roleping [RoleToChangeName] [RoleToNotAllowToMention] Stops [RoleToChangeName] to ping anyone with the role [RoleToNotAllowToMention]
setup remove roleping [RoleToChangeName] [RoleAllowedToMentionName] Allows [RoleToChangeName] to ping anyone with the role [RoleAllowedToMentionName]
spam set roletorolewarnings [warnings] Sets how many role to role mention warnings before a proper warning will be given out