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Config File

Here is a overview of the config file.

This is for config version: 13, Pootis-Bot version: 1.1.0. Updated 14/10/2020.

Default config

  "ConfigVersion": "13",
  "BotName": "CSharp Bot",
  "BotPrefix": "$",
  "BotToken": "",
  "TwitchStreamingSite": "",
  "CheckConnectionStatus": true,
  "CheckConnectionStatusInterval": 60000,
  "DefaultGameMessage": "Use $help for help.",
  "LevelUpAmount": 0,
  "LevelUpCooldown": 15,
  "ReportErrorsToOwner": false,
  "ReportGuildEventsToOwner": false,
  "ResourceFilesFormatting": 1,
  "ApiKeys": {
    "ApiGiphyKey": null,
    "ApiGoogleSearchKey": null,
    "GoogleSearchEngineId": null,
    "ApiSteamKey": null,
    "YouTubeService": false
  "AudioSettings": {
    "AudioServicesEnabled": false,
    "LogPlayStopSongToConsole": true,
    "ExternalDirectory": "External/",
    "MaxVideoTime": "00:07:00",
    "MusicFolderLocation": "Music/",
    "MusicFileFormat": 0
  "VoteSettings": {
    "MaxVoteTime": "7.00:00:00",
    "MaxRunningVotesPerGuild": 3


A lot of these options are in the bot's config menu, If you want to access the bot's config menu, run the command config in the console.

What does each key mean?

General Options

ConfigVersion - The config version, its best to leave this alone since it is only used if the bot's config is updated and it needs to be saved again.

BotName - The bot's name, you can set this in the config menu.

BotPrefix - What prefix to use, you can set this in the config menu.

BotToken - The bot's token, you can set this in the config menu.

CheckConnectionStatus - Checks connection status every so often.

CheckConnectionStatusInterval - How often to check the connection status, in milliseconds.

TwitchStreamingSite - If bot is in streaming mode, what Twitch site should it show, by default it set to mine.

DefaultGameMessage - Default game message, in case the bot restarts it will default to this.

LevelUpCooldown - How many seconds between each XP given should we wait.

LevelUpAmount - How much XP to give.

ReportErrorsToOwner - Should the bot owner receive dms about errors.

ReportGuildEventsToOwner - Should events such as when the bot joins/leaves a guild get dm about to the bot owner or not

ResourceFilesFormatting - Should the resource files (UserAccounts.json/ServerList.json) be indented or not, 1 for indented, 0 for not indented. (Saves on space but is harder to read)

AudioSettings - Settings related to music/audio.

ApiKeys - Settings related to APIs.

VoteSettings - Settings related to voting.

API Keys

All of these can be set in the config menu under apis.

ApiGiphyKey - Giphy api key.

ApiGoogleSearchKey - Google Search api key.

GoogleSearchEngineID - Google Search Engine ID.

ApiSteamKey - Steam API key.

YouTubeService - If YouTube APIs are enabled or not.

Audio Settings

Audio related settings, all of this should get correctly set-up depending on your os you are running Pootis-Bot from.

AudioServicesEnabled - Are the audio services enabled.

LogPlayStopSongToConsole - Logs to the console when the bot starts or stops playing a song.

ExternalDirectory - The directory where our external applications will live

MaxVideoTime - The max video time Pootis-Bot will download, stops people from downloading 10 hour loops and such.

MusicFolderLocation - The location of the music folder

MusicFileFormat - What file formate we should use (Currently .m03 is only available)

Vote Settings

Settings that can be used to control how votes work.

MaxVoteTime - Whats the max time a vote can run for

MaxRunningVotesPerGuild - How many votes can be running at one time per guild