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Building Pootis-Bot

These instructions should help you build Pootis-Bot. If you already know how to build for Dotnet Core then you should be fine and probably don't have to read this.


.NET Core 3.1 SDK
Powershell Core

Build with the scripts

First head to the main directory of Pootis-Bot. Where the Pootis-Bot.sln file is. Then go into the publish-scripts folder.

In this folder you should see 4 scripts:

  • Publish.ps1
  • Publish-Windows.bat

You can run the script for your platform to build it.


Building for Windows 64-Bit you would run the Publish-Windows.bat file. Pretty simple, yea?

How to build with command line

This is just standard Dot.NET Core publish command.

Navigate to where the Pootis-Bot.csproj (or the .sln) file is.

Open the terminal and run the command:

dotnet publish -c Release -r [RID]