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Discord Commands

This page contains all commands that Pootis-Bot can currently do as of version 1.1.0.

For help with a specific command, do help [command].

Please note more commands may be added in the future, and this list may not get immediately updated! This list will only be kept maintained as of the most recent release of Pootis-Bot!

General User Commands

Basic Commands

Command Summary Alias
hello Displays the 'hello' message None
server Gets details about the server you are in None
top10 Gets the top 10 users in the server that you are currently in None
top10total Gets the top users in Pootis-Bot None

Help Commands

Command Summary Alias
help Gets help h
help [query] Gets help on a specific command h, command, chelp, ch

Misc Commands

Command Summary Alias
pick [option 1] | [option 2] Picks between two things None
roll [min] [max] Roles between 0 and 50 or between two custom number None
reminds Reminds you, duh (In seconds) res

Utils Commands

Command Summary Alias
hasrole Checks if user has a role None
alluserroles Gets all roles that a user has None
allroles Gets all roles on the server None
embedmessage [title] [message] Displays your message in an embed message embed
ping Ping Pong! None

Voting Commands

Command Summary Alias
vote [title] [description] [YesEmoji] [NoEmoji] [Time] Starts a vote none
vote end [VoteID] Ends a vote none

Fun Commands

Command Summary Alias
youtube [search] Searches YouTube yt
google [search] Searches Google g
giphy [search] Searches Giphy gy
tronald [random|search] Searches Tronald dump API tronalddump, dump, donald, donaldtrump, trump
wiki [search] Searches Wikipedia wikipedia
randomperson Generate a random person person, randperson

Steam Commands

Command Summary Alias
steam search [user] Searches Steam for a user (either an ID, or a vanity URL) None

Account Commands

Account Utils

Command Summary Alias
profile [user] Gets a profile of you or somebody else. None
profile Gets a profile of you or somebody else. None
profilemsg [message] Sets your custom profile message. None

Account Data Management

Command Summary Alias
requestdata Gives you a .json file of your user profile that Pootis-Bot has of you. getdata, mydata
resetprofile Resets your profile (xp, profile message). DOES NOT RESET SERVER DATA! None

Audio Commands


Command Summary Alias
join Joins in the current voice channel you are in None
leave Leaves the current voice channel thats it in None
play [song] Plays a song None
stop Stops the current playing song None
pause Pauses the current song None

Auto Voice Channel Commands

Command Summary Alias
addvcchannel [Base Name] Adds an auto voice channel None

Server Commands

Server User Commands

These commands are intended to be used by regular users, however they are server specific as arguments may vary per server.

Command Summary Alias
role Gives you an opt role, if it exists and if you meet the conditions (if any) get optrole, optrole, getrole
optroles Gets all opt roles that are on this server None

Server Admin Commands

These commands are intended to be used by the server's moderators. The command will require both the bot and the user executing the command the permission of the desired action.

Command Summary Alias
kick [user] [reason] Kicks a user None
ban [user] [reason] Bans a user None
mute [user] Mutes a user None
purge [MessageCount] Deletes bulk messages None

Server Spam Setting Commands

These commands can only be run by a guild owner!

Command Summary Alias
spam toggle mentionuserspam Enables / Disables the mention user anti-spam feature None
spam set mentionuserthreshold [threshold] Set how much of a percentage of a servers users need to be mention before it is considered spam None
spam set roletorolewarnings [warnings] Sets how many role to role mention warnings before a proper warning will be given out None

Server Permission Commands

These commands can only be run by a guild owner!

Command Summary Alias
perm [command] [subCmd] [roles] Adds or removes a command's permissions None
perms Gets a list of all commands that have permissions permissions, allperm, allperms

Server Setup Commands

All of these commands require a guild owner to execute the command. Commands related to guild owners (such as setup add guildowner) can only be executed by the server owner.

Command Summary
setup Provides basic help for server setup
setup status Displays setup info
setup spam Shows setup info regarding the server's anti-spam settings
setup bannedchannels Gets all banned channels
setup add bannedchannel [channel] Adds a banned channel
setup remove bannedchannel [channel] Removes a banned channel
setup add guildowner [user] Adds a guild owner
setup remove guildowner [user] Removes a guild owner
guildowners Lists all the owners of the server
setup add optrole [optRoleBaseName] [roleToAssignName] [requiredRoleName] Adds an opt role
setup remove optrole [optRoleName] Removes an opt role
setup add pointrole [pointsAmount] [roleName] Automatically assigns a user a role when they reach X amount of points
setup remove pointrole [pointsAmount] Removes a point role
setup pointroles Displays a list of all the role points
setup set points [amount] Sets the amount of points given
setup set pointscooldown [time] Changes the cooldown between when points are given out
setup quick Provides information on server quick setup
setup quick rules Displays the template rules
setup quick start Provides the ability to quickly setup your server with this bot
setup add roleping [roleToChangeName] [roleToNotAllowToMention] Adds a role to role ping
setup remove roleping [roleToChangeName] [roleAllowedToMentionName] Removes a role to role ping
rolepings Lists all role to role pings
setup set rulemessage [id] [silenceMessage] Sets what message that users need to react to. Run this command in the same channel as were the message is
setup set rulerole [rolename] Sets what role to give once a user successfully reacts to the rule message
setup set ruleemoji [emoji] Sets the emoji that users have to use to gain access
setup toggle rulereaction Enables/Disables the rule reaction feature. All the other commands MUST be ran before this one
setup set warnskick [warningsNeeded] Sets how many warnings until a user gets kicked
setup set warnsban [warningsNeeded] Sets how many warnings until a user gets banned
setup welcomechannel [channel] Sets where the custom welcome and goodbye messages will go
setup toggle welcomemessage Enables/Disables the custom welcome message
setup toggle goodbyemessage Enables/Disables the custom goodbye message
setup set welcomemessage [message] Sets the welcome message
setup set goodbyemessage [message] Sets the goodbye message

Bot Owner Commands

Theses commands can ONLY be executed by the bot owner!

Bot Owner Commands

Command Summary
addxp [user] [amount] Adds XP to a user.
removexp [user] [amount] Removes XP from a user.
leaveguild [guildID] Makes the bot leave a Guild.
guildlist Gets a list of all the Guilds the bot is in.
commands Gets all loaded commands.
modules Gets all loaded modules.
addcustomprofilemessage [user] [message] Adds a custom high level profile message. Read this for more info
removecustomprofilemessage [user] Removes a custom high level profile message. Read this for more info

Bot Throw Exception

Command Summary
throwexception [message] Forces the bot to throw an exception