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Console Commands

You only need these commands if you hosting the bot.

A current list of console commands that Pootis-Bot can do. These commands cannot be run via Discord. They must be run through the bot's console.

Command Summary
exit Shutdowns the bot
config Enters the bots config
about About screen for Pootis-Bot
version Gets the version of Pootis-Bot you are using
setgame Sets the bot's game status
togglestream Sets the bots status to streaming
deletemusic Deletes all the current bot's music
toggleaudio Toggles between wether audio services are enabled or disabled
forceaudioupdate Force re-download all the files for audio service
status Gets the bots status
clear Clears the console
resethelpmodules Resets the help modules to the default
save config Saves the config file
save accounts Saves the accounts file
save servers Saves the server list file
info Gives info about the system and the bot